Adding images or videos in the scene helps in communicating more useful information to your clients. For example, if you want to elaborate more about the kitchen in your tour, you can add the image of the kitchen floor map or youtube video explaining about the kitchen. To achieve this functionality in your tour, click on the “Add Infospot” link on the right slider and place your mouse on the screen where you want to place the hotspot.

On click and release of the mouse button on the screen below popup should appear.

In the above screen, we are adding an image in Scene1.  We are putting the title as “Family Room” and described as “This is my Family Room” as a description. Once we click on the “Save” blue button, it will be created and will be shown below.

If you want to add Video Hotspot, repeat the above steps, and select Type Video instead of an image in Info spot popup.  Type the link and title of Video.

Once Video is added, it will appear as below.



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