The video tutorial below shows the step-by-step process of how to create an account on 360 iAriv? (please view in full-screen mode for better visibility)


When creating a new account on iAriv, you have two registration options: using your email address, as described below, or signing up through a third-party network, which is detailed in this article. It’s important to understand the features of each method to ensure your account remains secure.

Email Registration

If you opt to register this way, you will need to click the Sign In / Sign Up Button.



This will take you to the Sign In to your Account page.

Click on the Sign Up option at the bottom left corner of the Sign In to your Account Page.



You’ll be redirected to the Sign Up Page.



Fill in your details according to the provided format on the Sign Up page as follows:

  • Name: Please enter your name in this field. (Note: This will be displayed as the name of the Tour Owner to your audience.)
  • Email Address: Please provide your working email address in this field. (Note: This address will be used for future correspondence, so please ensure it’s active.)
  • Password: Please create your secret password in this field.
  • Confirm Password: Please re-enter your secret password here.

          (Note: Please adhere to the following rules for creating a unique and secure password:

  • Users are required to create a password with a minimum length of 8 characters.
  • It must include at least one capital letter.
  • It must include at least one lowercase letter.
  • It must include at least one numeric character.
  • It must include at least one special character.)

After entering all the required details, click on the Sign Up Button.

VT 4


The Tour Creator will receive a message on the computer screen confirming that the Sign Up (Registration) was successful. The User can log in to his account by clicking the Sign In button that will take the user to the Sign In Page.

Note: The user will have to verify the email address by clicking on the link received in his email address.


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